Quality Products
from The Mother Nature

BAKI provide top quality products, harvested directly from Indonesia, the nations of fertile land.

Harvest of Heritage
from Generations to Generations

BAKI is a heritage of great and high quality harvest, well known for centuries.

Quality for nations.

Since 2015, we have been providing world class commodity for nations.

Indonesia is the land of fertility, and BAKI is here to supply healthy, efficient, and environment friendly
commodity for the world to enjoy.

Products from the best land, for best quality.

Our products have been through a very strict quality control since the beginning of seeds until harvest and processing time.

We also make sure each product fulfills the well known standard of chemical, biological, and taste.

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Our Products


Palm Sugar


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Coconut Sugar


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Coconut Shell Charcoal


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Coconut Coir


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   We will be delighted to help you in finding the perfect product.

Send us a message

We will be delighted to help you in finding the perfect product.

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